get your BMW radio fault diagnosed

Repair Service via Post

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Get your BM54 module repaired in 3 easy steps

  1. Send us your unit via post or courier service
  2. We diagnose and repair within 24hrs
  3. We return your unit to you with Next Day Shipping

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Standard BM54 Repair Service

Standard Repair Service | Overview

This repair will fix most of the common issues with the BM54 including, but not limited to, loss of sound, popping, clipping and a high pitch noise.

If the unit has other issues or additional water damage that has caused other faults you can contact us and get a quote for the repair before sending it to us (this will not be covered by standard repair).

Please make a note on the order form of any additional problems. If you have any questions please read our FAQs or contact us.

We accept faulty units from anywhere in the world! Return shipping costs will display when you checkout.