We specialise in diagnosis and repairs of BM54 and BM24 units in BMW and Land Rover.

BM54 Repair Service || Get your BM54 Repaired in 24 hours

Common BM54 questions

  • What is a BM54?

  • Why do BM54’s fail?/span>

  • How can I get a BM54 repaired?

  • How long does it take to repair a BM54?

  • Can I have it returned within 24hrs?

  • (Spoiler: YES you can!)

Symptoms of a faulty BM54

  • No sound

  • Some sound

  • Loss of some or all speakers

  • No power or orange light on radio or screen in dashboard

  • Weird noise that is screechy and high pitched

If you have issues with your BMW amplifier or radio tuner and have stumbled upon a few forums that mention BM54 (sometimes known as BM24 or BM53), you probably searched BM54 and landed on this page.

The BM54 is a key component in many BMWs like the X5 (E53), 3 Series (E46), 5 Series (E39) and a few other models. This little silver box is the main component that creates the sound in your car. You’ll notice several images of a BM54 on this page.

The BM54 unit is made by Becker and has a built-in design floor that will fail at some point in its lifespan: this is a FACT! We can repair these units within 24hrs (from the day of receipt).

Apart from the basic fix to get the sound back up and running we can actually upgrade the sound to use the latest Pioneer MOSFET amplifier stage. This will increase the volume and make for a much better sound quality. Some people like to buy a DIY kit for doing this, but due to the cost and complexity of doing this, it’s not cost effective and may even result in ruining your unit.

How to repair your BM54

Not sure were the BM54 is located?

Don’t hesitate to give us a call or check out our page on how to remove a BM54 from your vehicle.

If you want to get the radio module BM54 repaired fill out this form now and get it in the post to us, or pop it over the counter at our store. If you call us beforehand we can even arrange a 3hr repair whilst you wait.

Our repairs are done by qualified engineers. We specialise in these types of repairs. Please be assured the unit will be tested before any repair and fully after the repair.

No second guesses.

Repair it once, the correct way first time and it will last a lifetime.