BM54 Frequently Asked Questions

BM54 Frequently Asked Questions2020-12-14T17:35:31+00:00

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What is a BM54?2020-09-25T10:02:47+01:00

What is a BM54?

BM54 is an amplifier (also known as amp). An amplifier creates sound in your vehicle.

BM54’s are found in BMWs and Land Rovers.

BM54s are made by a company called Becker (Harman Kardon)

Unfortunately, they are guaranteed to fail at some point in their life time.

At BM54, we specialise in repairing the faults in these units and they’ll never fail again.

Repair Serices Available:

1. Repair Via Post Repair Service 

2. Repair In store While You Wait Service

I have a faulty BM54 unit. What are your repair options?2020-05-11T16:39:52+01:00

We offer two repair options for your faulty BM54 unit.

1. Repair Via Post (24hr Service)

Simply fill in your details and select your repair options via this booking form, print out your repair form (so we know who you are) and send your unit to us. Please package it with care!

We’ll return the repaired unit to you within 24 hours of receipt with a Next Day delivery service.

2. Repair While You Wait 

This is perfect if you’re close to Surrey (just outside the M25). Simply fill in this booking form so we can allocate a slot for you, and pop in and we’ll repair your unit while you wait.

How to repair a BM54

We do accept walk ins but it’s best to call ahead so we can give you the fastest service possible.

If you want to learn more about BM54, click here.

How much does it cost to repair a BM54?2020-09-23T15:27:03+01:00
Click here for price.
What car models does advice on this site relate to?2020-04-28T15:55:47+01:00

We can diagnose and repair faults in the audio systems of many BMW models including bmw x5, bmw 5 series, bmw 3 series, bmw e53 series, bmw e46. If your BMW radio is broken and your car is not on the list give us a call and we might still be able to help.

If I have my BM54 repaired, will I lose TV, CD changer or Bluetooth Audio?2020-04-28T15:56:29+01:00

We repair the BM54 correctly, after any repair you will still have full audio for radio, Bluetooth, CD changer & television.

Do you provide the unit with a guarantee after repair?2020-04-28T15:57:26+01:00

Every repair is fully tested and guaranteed, for detailed information call us on 01932 800800

I would like to send my amplifier / module in to you for repair but am unsure of how to remove it?2020-04-28T15:58:26+01:00

We currently have step by step instructions on removal of the BM54 modules for the BMW X5, BMW E46 (3 series) Cabriolet and BMW E46 (3 series) Touring. Call us and we can give you instructions for other car makes.

I have an E39 BMW, my front off-side speakers are not working and the rear door tweeters. I have been told it is more than likely the Becker unit. The unit is a 65.12-6 9191 078 BM54. Can I drive the unit to you for repair and would it solve the problem?2020-04-28T16:04:18+01:00

The problem could well be the amplifier but this would need to be established in the car via diagnostics. If you bring the amplifier into us we can repair for you. We will check and advise before we go ahead.

The sound sometimes works then goes off in my BMW e46 2001, the screen works ok, is this something you can sort out?2020-04-28T16:05:03+01:00

Yes no problem, Cartronics GB can repair your BMW amplifier (sometimes called a radio module) which has markings for Becker BMW BM54 or BM24.

My BMW 3 Series has no sound coming from the rear speakers, it’s a BMW professional system with Sat Nav, Bluetooth and TV. How long would it take to fix?2020-04-28T16:05:43+01:00

We can repair your BM54 or BM24 BMW amplifier whilst you wait or next day if your sending it in to us.

I have just bought a BMW 330ci convertible and the sound system is not working, can you advise?2020-04-28T16:07:49+01:00

This is most likely the radio monitor (amp) made by Becker. See link here how to remove and send the unit (BM54/BM24) into us for a speedy repair.

Why are my BMW Speakers cutting on and off?2020-04-28T16:19:53+01:00

The radio module or amplifier (these are the same item) will probably be faulty, we can remove the unit from your car and then repair the BM54 the same day.

These units are made by Becker & have BMW part numbers. Which include 65.12-6 922 510 & 65.12-6 922 515, 65.12-6 922 510 (65126922510), 65.12-6 922 511, 65.12-6 933 091,65.10-6 933 092, 65.12-6 934 650, 65.12-6 941 691, 65.12-6 943 452, 65.12-6 972 667, 65.12-6 907 131, 65.12-6 919 079, 65.12-8 379 787, 65.12-8 385 898, 65.12-6 906 738, 65126922511, 65126933091, 65106933092, 65126934650, 65126941691,65126943452, 65126972667, 65126907131, 65126919079, 65128379787, 65128385898, 65126906738.

Why do I have no sound from my BMW speakers?2020-04-28T16:28:29+01:00

Your BMW has lost all sound from the car speakers, this may have been sudden or a gradual loss of different speakers over a period of time. If this is the case we can repair your BMW radio module (BM54 or BM24). Same day service or whilst you wait.

My BMW Speakers have stopped working2020-04-28T16:29:14+01:00

BMW audio modules develop faults that cause audio loss, crackling, whistling and sometimes screaming in the front speakers, back speakers, rear speakers, left speakers or right speakers. Basically, if you have an audio fault we can diagnose the problem.

How do you repair a BM54?2021-01-05T17:14:59+00:00

Our official BM54 repair service is unrivalled. You will not find a better service anywhere else and we urge you not to tamper with the unit yourself as it may cause irreversible (and expensive!) damage.

Our qualified engineers can repair your BM54 and return it to you within 24 hours of receipt. Or, if you’re located near us in Surrey (just outside the M25) you can pop in to our store for a while-you-wait service. For the fastest service, it’s worth getting in touch with us before hand so we can book you in before hand.

Click here to send your BM54 unit into us direct for repair

Click here to book a slot for a BM54 while you wait repair

If you want to learn more about BM54 repair, click here.

Hi I have a BM54 Radio Module out of an e39 with almost zero sound on it, everything else works as it should, just wondering how much this will cost, I am in Northern Ireland and can post the module to you.2021-03-23T10:52:01+00:00

HI Steve , yes it sounds like the BM54 module is faulty but we can repair this for you. The E39 BMW has common issues with sound failure , some speakers and or all speakers failing. If you fill the form out and send it to us we will get this repaired and sent back same day for you.

Thanks from Cartronics GB @

Why are my BMW speakers making strange noises?2022-07-25T12:00:26+01:00

The most common problem with your cars speakers making strange noises including whistling, screaming , popping is a fault in your BM54 radio/amp module made by Becker.

Some part numbers for these include:
65.12-6 933 455 65.12-6 976 964 (65126976964), 65.12-6 964 400 (65126964400), 65.12-6 964 401 (65126964401)

Click here to send your BM54 unit into us direct for repair
Click here to book a slot for a BM54 while you wait repair

Only one speaker works properly in my BMW, the others work for a few minutes, how much would it cost to fix and send back?2020-05-11T18:03:25+01:00

Repair costs start at £89.50. You can choose to send the unit in to us via post for a 24hr repair service.

We offer our customers a full diagnostic check (please call to verify pricing) if it isn’t immediately evident what the problem is, the diagnostic check includes removal of the BM54 or BM24 and the re-installation.

I have seen how to repair a broken module on the internet, shall I do it myself?2020-05-11T18:04:33+01:00

There are many instruction videos and information available on the internet on how to remove and repair a BM54 or other BMW audio unit yourself, but we recommend a professional diagnostic check and repair by us.

We’ve seen many expensive units become irreversibly damaged by tampering.

Click here to send your BM54 unit into us direct for repair
Click here to book a slot for a BM54 while you wait repair

I live in the US, can I send my audio module to have it fixed and shipped back to me?2024-01-04T15:16:38+00:00

We can repair any unit and send these back to any country* with a fast turnaround.

Visit BM54 Repairs via Post to send your BM54 unit into us direct for repair

*shipping charges will apply

The rear speakers on my BMW X5 are not working, the front ones are fine. Can you help me diagnose the fault?2021-04-19T14:02:33+01:00

Whether your BMW X5 front speakers, back speakers, or just the left speakers or right speakers are not working, the fault could be the BM54 & or BM24 amp module. We can diagnose and repair the problem quickly.

Bring in or send us the module. Or call/email us for more details.

What does a BM54 look like?2020-05-12T12:22:05+01:00

This is what a BM54 looks like from the top.

get your BMW radio fault diagnosed

Removal instructions can be found here.

Need more help with identification or removal? Call us on 01932 800800

Can you repair BMW Logic 7 amp?2022-08-27T07:24:04+01:00

Yes! We can quote you for repair of your BMW Logic 7 amp, also known as L7 made by Harman Kardon.

We can only provide a quote once we have seen the unit in person and cannot provide this over the phone or email. 

Price for a QUOTE is £79 and this does not cover the repair itself. The price of £79 is for our time in examining the unit and preparing a quote.

Visit our dedicated L7 website here to send us your BMW L7 for repair via post.



Send your unit to us early and we’ll return it the same day!

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