A Guide to BM54 Repairs

If you’re experiencing a faulty BM54 from your BMW or Land Rover, don’t panic.

We offer an official BM54.com BM54 Repair Service with a turnaround of 24 hours from receipt of unit. Our service is quick, efficient and no hassle.

It’s easy to get your unit repaired via post or you can visit us directly in store.

Picture of BM54 repair service
BM54 Repair Service in action

BM54 Faults

If you have any, or all of below symptoms, then this would indicate that the BMW BM54 made by Becker is faulty.

– Have you lost audio channels?
– Do you have no sound, or only some speakers working?
– Do you have a high pitched whistle or scream (normally referred to as a screamer or squealer)?
– Do you have no power (no orange light on radio)?

Do these BM54 fault symptoms seem familiar? If so, we offer a brilliant BM54 repair service that means you can get back to listening to your radio within 24 hours of us receiving your unit.

This super speedy next day service means you’re not without your unit for long. However, if you fancy driving in to see us directly, we can repair at our workshop while you wait. Just use our booking form so we can book you in for this while you wait repair service.

You can even upgrade to a Pioneer amplifier upgrade with our Repair service if you wish. Just ask!