You know that at we can repair your broken BMW BM54 amp, but did you know that we can repair other BMW amps too?

If you are looking for someone to fix one of the following:

Broken BMW Stereos repaired
Logic 7 – Click here to visit dedicated repair website
Fibre optic BMW amp Repairs
BMW H&K amplifier repairs
BMW Harman Becker amplifiers
BMW amplifier BMW 7 series amplifier repair
BMW 5 series amplifier repair
BMW Top Hi-Fi DSP amplifier
65.12-6 973618
Other amps repaired too - BM54

… and you want the job done properly first time on a fast turnaround then get in touch.

If your BMW speakers stop working, your BMW audio system develops high pitched whistling or other screaming type noises or your BMW stereo unit appears to be broken. We offer the same service and diagnostic checks as with the BM54 module.

You can send the faulty BMW unit to us for professional diagnostics and a fast repair or if you prefer to drive over to see us book your broken BMW amp in for In-house repair  and we'll sort it out whilst you wait.