BMW E39 (5 series) Touring BM54 Removal


BMW E39 (5 series) Touring BM54 Removal

If you have faulty lost audio channels and speakers not working or only some speakers working, we can repair the original unit, leaving all your existing data intact.

We can repair BM54 units in house or follow  this instruction video which shows how to remove the BM54 Becker module from a BMW E39 5Series Touring.


Remove the amp and send to us for a fast diagnosis and repair service. 





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Repair BM54. Common symptoms for a faulty BM54 include:

Little to no sound, loss of all or some speakers, no power or light on screen/radio dashboard, weird high pitched sound/scream coming from speaker. 

BM54 are found in BMW and Land Rover and can be repaired by our qualified engineers within 24hrs via post, or a few hours if you visit us in store. 

Learn more about BM54 Repair here.


BMW54 repair service for Landrover and BMW

We can repair your BM54 (becker) radio amplifier FAST! Repaired same day, faults include no sound or some speakers working & or water damage.


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